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April 11 2014 016

the life that surrounds me daily is a colorful and happy one

i am forever grateful for it as well as for a husband who constantly steps up to the plate not only as a partner but also as a friend and a wonderful father

we have an amazing daughter who brightens up our world more than we ever dreamed of

we are surrounded by people we love and who love us

yet my world lately is a dark one

inside my heart i feel great anger and resentment

as well as a great feeling of abandonment

from my own family

i am well aware that no family is perfect

people are not perfect

quite often they can be assholes actually

my family was never close to perfect

from the beginning it was anything but perfect

but, as the years went on, as we matured, i had hoped for a sense of closeness

we had made it through a lifetime of bad storms and were now supposed to enjoy life as partners who fought the rough times together

the outcome has been anything but

we are now more distant than ever

strangers to one another really

this family life i never saw or wanted for myself or for my daughter hurts me every day

it is constantly there

keeping me from fully diving into the colorful and happy world that surrounds me

because i am filled with so much anger and resentment

and i don’t quite know how to come to peace with it

but i want to be free of it

happy friday friends

i wish you all a wonderful weekend

April 04 2014 008

a silly hat for silly hat school day

April 04 2014 009April 06 2014 004

sleepy mornings

April 01 2014 025

in the morning light

April 06 2014 008

a sweet ride

April 11 2014 010

the day she got her first barbie with her own money

April 11 2014 019

a garden update

April 12 2014 040

swimming while we worked

April 13 2014 029

a breakfast al fresco

April 13 2014 030

sleepy Foxy

April 13 2014 033

always creating art

April 13 2014 041

a girl and her dog

April 13 2014 044

i have always wanted a table filled with succulents

April 13 2014 091

a walk home from a birthday party

April 14 2014 011

she got home from school and asked for a picnic blanket and a popsicle

April 14 2014 017 April 14 2014 019April 15 2014 001

she woke up and asked for a breakfast picnic on the terrace (it was all about the picnics)

April 15 2014 005 April 15 2014 028

bunny ears, face painting and heelies. a typical afternoon here

April 16 2014 008

morning instagrammers

April 16 2014 009April 16 2014 015

always ready for a holiday

April 17 2014 046

a flying fairy

once upon a time:

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