west virginia. part four

August 04 2014 008

i don’t even think i can call this post entirely by its title because really, this is a very short version of our week in west virginia

but, because i haven’t really planned out exactly how the posts should go now that most of the pictures have been edited… well, you get a peek of what’s to come

we had a good week here

Lily woke up at seven in the morning every day with no problem, ate breakfast, happily put on her uniform (how long will that last?) and we were out the door by eight

for the first three days we parked the car and walked her all the way into her classroom

we helped her get set up and then said our goodbyes

yesterday was independence day

which means just that. each child independently walked into school and into his/her classroom on their own

you could clearly see the difference between the pre-schoolers and all the other kids who obviously had done it before

we tried to prepare Lily the best we could by letting her know on tuesday that she should really pay attention to where she was going because by thursday she would have to do it all on her own

i was a bit nervous yesterday leaving her at the gate

but you know what?

she walked in that door, looked back once, smiled and kept on walking

she did just fine

and she is really enjoying her new school and teacher

so proud of our girl

happy friday friends

hope you all have a great weekend

August 05 2014 014

a breakfast amongst the black eyed susans

August 05 2014 027

Lily and Sophie

August 05 2014 039

green everything. perfect everything

August 06 2014 038

an afternoon with friends

August 07 2014 009

blueberry picking. and eating

August 07 2014 041

art sessions

August 07 2014 045

that time a goat stuck its tongue out at me

August 07 2014 100

whitaker falls

August 07 2014 265

sister cousins

August 07 2014 352

slack lining

August 07 2014 370

these two lovebirds

August 07 2014 392

a sunset

once upon a time:

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