To pierce or not to pierce, that is the question

People often ask when we will pierce Lily’s ears and the answer is clear to me. We are not.

I remember quite clearly when I got my ears pierced. It was a memorable BIG girl moment for me.

I was 9 years old and had been asking my mom for a few months if she would let me get my ears pierced. After many well behaved moments and the fact that my mom saw that the request wasn’t going away, she took me to get my ears pierced.

I was so excited and nervous! But mostly excited because I was going to get to wear earrings. A passion that still exists today. If I buy jewelry, most likely they are earrings and I must have a pair on every day.

It is her body, and who knows…maybe it won’t be earrings but a belly piercing! Or tongue…..

Anyway, I would like Lily to make the same decision for herself and perhaps feel the same BIG girl moment I felt.