Day 1 of Will’s trip away from home

Will left this morning to go to West Virginia until thursday. It will be just Lily and I until then. This will be a big test for all of us.

It will be the first time that Will is away from Lily since she was born and he was not happy about it but it is for the good and the future of our family so there he goes…

It is also the first time that Lily and I will be by ourselves.

Sure Lily and I spend our days together and there have been plenty of days that Will arrived late from work and Lily will be sleeping already but, he is there in the following morning.

So here Lily and I are having our regular morning routine. A bit of coffee for me, the play mat and toys for Lily. We already watched the ABC’s with Elmo and India Arie. Lily will probably be taking her morning nap in a short while.

It’s a gloomy monday morning here in Miami and we are missing Will already.

So here is to the LOVE in our little family! Lily wears a bodysuit and hat given to her by Natasha.