Day 2 of Will’s trip away from home

Yesterday went quite well.

It was a gloomy and rainy day here so Lily and I didn’t get as many walks as we usually do but she didn’t get too cranky about it. She loves being out and about.

Unlike all the other days, she actually took a long (almost 2 hours) nap in the morning. She was up throughout the rest of the day and finally went to sleep at 8pm.

When she first went to sleep, I put her in her crib like I always do. However, when she woke up for her feeding, I let her stay in bed with me for the whole rest of the night.

This is not something we usually do. If anything, we let her stay in bed with us after the last feeding of the night which usually happens at 5am.

She slept close to me and because there was more room in the bed I got to enjoy it. She was my little snuggle bunny!

I remember when I was little, whenever my father would be away, my mom would let me sleep with her. Those are always wonderful memories. Sleeping close to my mom while she would rub my head…a habit she created and I still have.

Sure Lily is too little to remember now but, maybe this will be a tradition we will start of our own whenever Will is away. 😉

And yes, we do miss Will like crazy!

Here is the little face that woke up next to me. (This picture was taken in Lily’s crib actually) Lily wears pajamas that were a gift and her bedding is Skip Hop.