Things we LOVE!

We LOVE this little dress, now tunic that we got from babyGap for Lily before she was even born.

The first time she wore it was on Thanksgiving, November 26 2009, she was only 19 days old. She wore it with navy babyGap tights.

Through the months as she’s grown, it has transformed from a dress with tights to a tunic with leggings or knit pants.

I’m sad to say, today was the last day for this dress/tunic. She has outgrown it! :(. We have LOVED it.

Wishing we had bought one in every size so she would have one until she’s 12, this will be one of her baby pieces that we will hold onto for her so we can one day show her just how little she was.

Here is Lily 19 days old wearing the dress and tights both by babyGap, at 2 months old wearing the same dress with leggings by Old Navy and today wearing the dress with knit pants, socks and shoes all by babyGap.