One will do for now

This past saturday we took off to Pine Island, FL to go visit dear friends of ours. Pine Island is about a 2-3 hour ride away from Miami.

Before leaving the house, while I gathered all of our things, Will made a comment about how it now took twice as long and as much stuff to go anywhere. “HA! and you want another one” I told him.

It’s true, it does take twice as long and twice as much stuff to go anywhere. But, it will take even longer and much more stuff when/if there will be another.

And I say when/if because right now, as much as I would love to have another, I can’t even think about it and (excuse me) my vagina hurts just hearing about the thought of it.

We packed ourselves and our things in the car and were smoothly cruising when Lily awoke from her nap because she had to do the BIGGEST bowel movement.

She has made it her tradition to do so as soon as we start on any long car trip. The same thing happened in December when we started driving to West Virginia.

As I sat next to her in the back seat, I looked at Will with fear in my face and commented on how it did not sound or smell good. And sure enough, as I peaked underneath her leg, it was EVERYWHERE! All over her clothes and the car seat.

It’s a good thing that by now, I know her and I packed plastic bags (for dirty clothes) and 3 other changes although we were only going for an overnight trip.

In the back seat I changed a very messy Lily and cleaned the car seat and thought to myself….imagine 2? Very brave are the ones who do it.

So, with a clean and happy Lily, we carried on with our driving and made it to Pine Island safely and without any other messes.

We had a wonderful time and I think I will enjoy Lily for now and not worry about the second one until much later. My clock is ticking though…..

Here are some highlights of our trip. In order Lily wears cardigan and leggings by babyGap, dress by Old Navy and hat gift from Natasha. Romper, polka dot shirt and shoes by babyGap, polka dot tights by Zutano.