All pregnancy traces almost all gone

Yesterday I had to write about postpartum because I was feeling it really bad however, yesterday’s post should have been about how exactly a year ago yesterday, we found out we were pregnant.

Exactly a day after Will proposed to me, I took a pregnancy test and…..PREGNANT! It was one of the happiest moments, specially after a very sad miscarriage on Christmas day, December 25 of 2008.

Here we are exactly 1 year later, married (HOORAY!) and with a healthy baby Lily (tears of happiness).

It hasn’t exactly been a smooth journey but, compared to some others, we have been very fortunate.

I had a wonderful pregnancy. Wasn’t sick once. Worked until 1 week before my due date. Was active the whole 9 months, walking, swimming (one of the perks of living in South Beach), riding my bike Sally.

We had an amazing birthing experience. All natural! It was just Will, me, our wonderful midwife Mary, Mary’s assistant, my mom and Will’s mom.

We entered the birthing center at 10:30pm on November 06 2009 and Lily was born at 2:37am on November 07 2009. I couldn’t have asked for an easier birth.

It is now March, almost 4 months after Lily being born and all pregnancy traces are almost all gone.

The linea negra, just a very faint line below my belly button. The pregnancy weight, just a few more pounds to shed. The gorgeous, healthy and full pregnancy hair is gone and as of yesterday…cut.

Everything, light postpartum aside, is slowly going back to normal.

In honor of everything that happened within the last year, here are some pictures of how things occurred. Starting with a very romantic engagement.