Our little weekend getaway

We had a wonderful time visiting our friends Eric and Nicole this weekend.

It was 9a.m. on saturday when we left Miami. We had initially planned for 8a.m. but, one hour late is not bad these days. We packed small bags for all of us and some of Lily’s favorite toys and food and we hit the road.

The car ride was smooth, Lily didn’t even have any of her “runny” accidents. In the past she has made it a tradition to have an accident right as soon as we got on the road. But then again, she has been eating solids so her poop is now solid. (TMI?)

Lily has gotten quite used to the car seat. I think she would be even better if we drove more, but it is not that often that we ride in the car.

Feeding Lily during car trips has also gotten much easier since all we have to do now is get the packed food from the bag and feed her. No more crazy breast feeding moves in the car or stops.

Once we arrived in Bradenton, we checked into our hotel and then it was off to see Eric and Nicole. They are expecting their first baby. Nicole looks great!

Soon after we arrived, we all went over to De Soto Park where we walked along the water surrounded by nature. It felt good to be out of the car and breathing the ocean air.

Once back at the house, we spent the rest of the afternoon in the backyard catching up and eating yummy food made by Eric’s mom and the prettiest Easter cookies made by Nicole’s mom.

At around 7:30p.m., we all took off to the beach where we watched one of the most amazing sunsets I have seen in a while. It was breath taking!

Lily was so happy to be at the beach with her feet in the sand.This time, she smiled even more than she usually does.

On sunday morning both Will and I got up at 7a.m. with Lily and just enjoyed playing on the BIG bed at the hotel as well as the bathtub in which we gave Lily a bath. Oh boy was she happy to be freely splashing all over the place!

Before heading home, we went to the Dali museum in St. Petersburg. We have wanted to go for quite sometime and so we took this opportunity to do so. It was an amazing show. Such amazing pieces! Wish we could share some pictures of the inside but, there were no cameras allowed.

Yesterday was a rainy day here in Miami and perfect for the 4 loads of laundry and light house cleaning I had to do so we are sorry there were no posts.

We are all caught up now! 😉

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Here are some highlights from our trip.There is Lily on saturday at De Soto Park with some friends behind her. ;)  A very happy Lily with her feet in the water. The prettiest Easter cookies  made by Nicole’s mom.  An ecstatic Lily at the beach for sunset. The  six of us watching the sun go down (the 6th one is still in Nicole’sbelly. :)). And the most beautiful sunset. Lily wears a shirt and hat by Old Navy and leggings by babyGap. On sunday you can see a super happy Lily in the bath. Will, Lily and I outside of the Dali museum. Lily and Will on a melting bench and Lily leaving the museum.  Even though she fell asleep, I think she enjoyed it! Lily wears a bodysuit by Old Navy and romper by babyGap.