Cry baby

Before and while I was pregnant with Lily, I would ever so often watch the show Birth Day on TLC. I found that it really helped me get ready (if there ever is such a thing) to give birth.

Not only did it make it easy for me to decide to go with a midwife at a birthing center instead of an obgyn at a hospital but it also showed all of the best and worst scenarios that could happen. I would watch show after show with no problem.

WELL, no more!

I can’t watch a birth without crying my eyes out! LOL

As these women are pushing and pushing, my eyes fill up with tears (tears of joy of course). Once that baby is out, so are my tears.

I cry every time. If Lily is around (most of the time she’s napping when I watch), I grab her, and hug and kiss her while I cry my eyes out with tears of joy. (Poor Lily!)

Just yesterday when she and I were playing and snuggling on the bed, my eyes started  filling up with tears and I almost started crying.

It’s official, I’ve become a crier…..

Here we are having mother-daughter quiet time. Lily wears a bodysuit by babyGap and swing top by Zutano. (Now don’t you cry!) 😉