Yesterday we gave Lily broccoli for the first time, and let me tell you, she is NOT a fan! LOL

I felt it was important to start giving her some green vegetables since she was eating mostly all orange vegetables. Sweet potatoes,carrots, butternut squash… all orange. I was afraid she would soon turn orange.

Will steamed the broccoli and then pureed it. It didn’t look, smell or taste appetizing at all. We shall see we thought.

When it was time for Lily’s lunch yesterday, I set her up on the balcony like usual and fed her the first spoonful. Oh boy…the face!  It was not a happy face at all. LOL

She kept it in her mouth and wouldn’t even swallow for a while.

I wouldn’t want to eat it I thought to myself. So why would I feed it to her and expect her to?

I took the broccoli back into the kitchen and mixed it with carrots. Success!!!

She ate the whole thing. She loves her carrots. Why would she not? They are sweet and yummy!

And because I felt bad for feeding her that awful broccoli on its own, I surprised her with a bit of mashed up ripe mango. I have  never seen her lick herself the way she did after each spoonful. Her tongue was all the way to her chin!

Yay! Broccoli and mango now part of Lily’s menu. 🙂

Here is a suspicious Lily sitting in her chair waiting for me to feed her lunch wearing a romper by Old Navy and a bib that was a gift. And a not so convinced Lily after the first spoonful of broccoli. Adventure begins here? Oh boy did it ever! 😉