Food update

Lily has quite the full menu going on these days.

Yesterday since it was her 5 month birthday, she had a special lunch. Broiled tilapia with sweet potato and broccoli all mashed up into a yummy mush. She loved it!

I also felt good because it was like she was getting a full meal all in one bowl. I mean, I eat broiled tilapia with sweet potato and broccoli!

For dessert, I bought her some organic whole milk plain yogurt and mixed it with some mashed up mango. She ate it all!

And for dinner, mashed up carrots mixed with broccoli and broiled tilapia.

During the week we also tried peas, a big success and zucchini….not such a big success on its own but went down well mixed with carrots.

I’m not sure if it’s all the substantial food Lily is eating or if she is in a different sleeping stage but she basically sleeps all through the night now. (I hope I’m not jinxing it by writing about it!)

Just last night she slept from her regular 8p.m. until 4:30a.m.. That’s 8.5 hours straight! I then put her in bed with Will and I, breast fed her and we both fell back asleep until 7:30a.m..

Good food and good sleep, essential for a baby’s happy life. And mommy’s and daddy’s too! 😉

Here is a healthy, full and well rested Lily late afternoon yesterday on the beach wearing an Old Navy romper and her Zutano hat. And a well rested me and Lily.