Things we LOVE!

Last June, as soon as we found out that the baby in my belly was going to be a Lily, I started shopping! LOL

I think because of the fact that I couldn’t fully “nest” (we live in a 1 bedroom), I shopped for baby girl clothes. But being a smart shopper (if I can say so myself), I took full advantage of the end of the season sales that babyGap and Old Navy were having.

And am I glad that I did! We got great stuff for Lily to wear now for such great prices!

Yesterday she wore this little fish tank top and shorts both by Old Navy that I just thought would be so perfect for a baby on a hot day. I was right. Even daddy Will commented on how cute Lily looked. (Not that she doesn’t look cute every day. :))

We LOVE the little Old Navy outfit Lily was wearing.

It is so wonderful to physically see her wearing the things that were bought for her while I was still pregnant. I used to day dream about what she would look like wearing the clothes we were buying. Now, I can finally see her with my own eyes!

Here is Lily late afternoon yesterday at the beach with Will wearing her little fish tank and shorts both by Old Navy and her Zutano hat. (Look how chubby her legs and arms are getting. YUM!)