3 in 1

Lily had another visit with Dr. Salinas (her pediatrician) today.

The office moved into a new building and it is sooo much nicer than the one before! Everything is light and bright with lots of new design.

Like always the visit starts with Lily getting weighed and measured.

As of today, Lily weighs 17lbs and 02oz and measures 27″!

While we waited for Dr. Salinas to come do a quick check up on Lily, we played with the fun new mirror and plastic blue dog in the new room.

Dr. Salinas checked over a healthy Lily 🙂 and let us know that there were only 3 shots left for her to have in this second round of shots. What to do?????

With the first round of shots, Will and I both agreed to do them 1 at a time in case there were any reactions but with this second round, we have done 2 at a time. But 3!?

We discussed it with Dr. Salinas and we all felt that it would be ok. So, 3 it was. 🙁

The nurse who gave Lily her shots was so fast and so good, Lily only cried for a couple of seconds. It was over before she or I knew it.

YAY! Another healthy and successful visit to the doctor. 😉

Here are some pictures from Lily’s doctor visit today. Lily playing while waiting in the waiting room, Lily getting weighed,  Lily playing on the blue plastic dog through the fun mirror, Lily waiting on Will’s lap and a happy and resting Lily with her 3 band aids already at home.  Lily wears a tunic and shoes by Old Navy and pants by babyGap.