Yesterday after returning from the pediatrician, Lily spent her day as normal.

She ate her lunch,  had her nap and played.

Everything was ok until 6:30p.m. when she started getting very fussy, whiny and showing signs of being very uncomfortable. She wasn’t being her regular happy self. 🙁

Slowly, she started getting worst, completely out of it and her head began to feel extremely hot.

Will and I took her temperature. It was 99.9.  Her normal is usually around 98. She had a fever.

We held her and just tried to comfort her. It was breaking my heart not knowing what exactly was bothering her and not knowing what exactly to do for her. Our little Lily was NOT feeling good!

We took her temperature again. 100.3!

Both Will and I decided to call avo Hayes and ask what should be done. She suggested giving Lily some infant Ibuprofen. We happened to have some and because grandmas know best (they really do), we gave some to Lily.

I was hesitant to give her any medicine because I never take any myself but, Lily was obviously in need of some so, I gave in.

Within 30 minutes her temperature had gone down and she was smiling again. YAY! 🙂

I breast fed her like always before bed and Lily fell asleep for the night.

She woke up at 2:30a.m. still a little fussy but some holding and some more breast feeding, put her right back to sleep.

This morning she woke up pretty much her normal self and is now taking her morning nap as usual.

The lesson learned: 3 shots at once WAS too much for Lily to handle.

The good advice we got: if we ever plan on giving her 3 shots at once again(which I don’t think we will), the best thing to do is to give her some infant Motrin or Ibuprofen 1 hour before her doctor appointment.

Here is a picture of Lily yesterday lounging on the swing chairs at the Standard Hotel yesterday still feeling good. Lily wears a tunic by Old Navy and pants by babyGap.