Sitting high

Lily sat on her first high chair today. 🙂

We went to our favorite pizza place (Andiamo) and didn’t bring the stroller (lazy saturday mode) so once we sat down, we decided to request a high chair for Lily and give it a try.

It was perfect! Lily sat in it the whole time and was such a good girl! She felt so good being at the table just like us adults. She even chewed on some pizza crust. 😉

Both Will and I have decided that it’s time to get that HiLo chair we saw and liked so much.

It’s been a wonderful family saturday. We are trying to spend as much time together this weekend because Will is leaving on monday for work until thursday. 🙁

Happy weekend everybody!

Here is a big girl (:( stop growing so fast!) Lily sitting on a high chair at Andiamo. Lily wears a dress by babyGap that was a gift from avo Hayes, avo Joao and aunt Sarah. Thank you!