Outdoors tuesday

What a wonderful day yesterday was! I’m not sure if it was because it had rained most of monday but, everything seemed so much brighter.

The sky was so blue and with no clouds in sight, the grass and leaves looked greener, the flowers looked more vibrant. I guess everything was in need of water.

Lily and I spent most of our day outside.

We usually are not out and about during the early afternoon because it tends to be too hot but yesterday we went to Publix (our supermarket) and on the way back home, there was a tree with shade calling our names.

So, we sat for a while and enjoyed the view while keeping nice and cool in the shade of this great tree. We didn’t realize how great it really was until we got very close to it. It had all these wonderful colors and textures on its trunk.

Lily seemed to have enjoyed herself looking at the water, the boats and the pigeons.

Once back home, she must have been tired because she took a 2 hour nap.

Later in the afternoon we met up with our friends Claudia and Sofia at the park. We were so happy to have them back from Tampa.

And because it was so gorgeous out, even auntie K and daddy Will couldn’t resist some time at the park, so they too met us there!

It was a wonderful and happy tuesday. 🙂

Here is a photo summary of our wonderful tuesday outdoors. Lily wears top and shorts by Old Navy.