Playground Heathers

One would think that a playground would be the nicest and friendliest place to be.

Well, maybe it is the playground by our house or the area we live in but, one thing I have found is that there are great politics at the playground.

Going to the playground, I have at times felt like I did when I first came to this country and started school. There are many cliques involved and you are not always welcome.

It is amazing to me how some of these mothers stick together and do not necessarily be-friend a new mother. Now, don’t get me wrong, they are not blatantly rude. They look at you, check you over, ask all the right questions and then if you are good enough according to their “Heather” standards (do you all remember the 80’s movie?), they will take you in. Or not!

We have all graduated high school (or have we not?). We are all mothers there after all. We were all pregnant, we are all there with our children trying to be the best mothers we can possibly be. We should all have a lot in common and it shouldn’t be that complicated.

I would think (and hope) that it is easier when your little one is able to walk and run by themselves because then they can just play with any kid they want. When you have an infant and you have to carry them, it’s a whole different game.

I am so thankful for having met someone like Claudia. I think in a way she was in the same place with Sofia like I was with Lily.

All we want is play time at the park without the politics. Just baby fun.

We love laying out the blanket on the grass and letting Lily and Sofia play. The more babies that come over and play, the better. We are not playground snobs. We may both be named Claudia but we are not playground Claudias. 😉

Here are Lily and Sofia at the playground yesterday playing on the blanket. Lily wears top and capris by Old Navy.