Beijinhos for everybody!!

Lily has become quite the little kisser. She loves to give beijinhos! (kisses in Portuguese)

Ever since Lily was born, I haven’t been able to stop kissing her. Neither has Will. And every time we do so, we tell her they are beijinhos.

Lily will now grab you, and put her open mouth on your face. This of course is her version of beijinhos. Every time she does it, we get excited and we shout: YAY! BEIJINHOS!!!

She has taken these beijinhos to the playground lately. She loves kissing Claudia and Sofia and yesterday as soon as she met Dylan, she kissed him! (watch out Spike!)

Will and I are aware that this may be dangerous as she gets older (I think Will is already freaking out a little…) but until then we love that Lily loves giving beijinhos!! 😉

Here is Lily in some “beijinhos” moments. Lily with Will wearing a shirt by Old Navy. Lily with me wearing a shirt by Zutano. And Lily with Sofia wearing a top by Old Navy.