Must have of the day

With the heat already here and the summer around the corner, there are a few daily “Musts” we can’t leave the house without!

Sunblock. We use Banana Boat Tear Free SPF 50. Not like we have tried any others but this seems to work really well. It lasts, and it definitely is tear free since I have accidentally gotten it in Lily’s eye while applying it.

Sun hat. Lily has 2 that she uses. One from Old Navy and the other from Zutano. The one from Zutano has a bigger brim so it has better sun protection. We use that one more now. ( I had read in a review that the Zutano hats ran a little small so I ordered 6-12mths for Lily a while ago. I’m glad I did. She is going to be 6mths in 3 days and we will probably have to get her a bigger size soon.)

Swim Diaper. I looked at plenty of bathing suits for Lily but, there is nothing cuter than a naked baby at the beach so she doesn’t own one. We did get her a Kushies Swim Diaper and it is great! Kushies offer swim diapers in many different colors and cute prints. And they are washable! 🙂

Here is Lily wearing both her Kushies and her Zutano hat at the beach.