Waiting for avo Hayes and avo Joao

Avo Hayes and avo Joao arrive tomorrow and we cannot wait!!!!

We have not seen them since we left West Virginia in January and Lily is so different now that she is almost 6 months old.

Will and I have been preparing Lily for their visit by showing her their picture in her Sassy Baby Album. I’m sure that she will be her serious little self at first but hope she will warm up fast and give them lots of beijinhos!! 🙂

They are not visiting for very long so we might skip some posts on here. 😉

In the meanwhile, until they get here, we will continue doing what we usually do. Play on the mat, sing songs, read books, go for walks (even though it is getting too hot!), eat healthy food, nap, poop 😉 and play at the park with our friends Claudia and Sofia.

Here are a few pictures of Lily at the park yesterday wearing a top by Old Navy and pants by babyGap. And today playing on the mat wearing a onesie that was a gift from our lovely friend Joan. Thank you Joan!! 🙂