Fun in the pool

Before Lily came along, Will and I hardly ever used the pool in our building.

We are definitely bigger fans of the ocean however, having the pool right downstairs has been a wonderful thing. It is much easier to just grab a few things and go downstairs instead of grabbing a whole bunch of stuff and walk 30 minutes to the beach.

Lily loves the pool! She splashes around, kicks her legs , floats in her floaty, she just has the best time!

The pool area is not a large area. There is barely enough room to walk around the pool and there is not much room for chairs and some tables however, there are wonderful flowers and vines all around it. Some even end up in the pool, floating delicately in the water.

Spending time at the pool with Lily has given me the opportunity to explore all the wonderful nature treasures in our “backyard”.

Here are some shots our sunday afternoon at the pool.