Library monday!

Going to the library on mondays has been a great way to start the week.

Lily and I usually leave the house at 9:00a.m. in order to be at Claudia’s and Sofia’s by 9:15. We then walk to the bus stop together (it is way too hot to walk over a mile to the library). By the time we reach the library, it is just before 10:00.

There is story telling and singing until about 10:45 and then a basket of toys is put in the middle of the rug so all the little ones can have some play time together.

Toy time usually gets a little crazy because everyone wants each others toy but, it’s all in good fun.

Today, we met two new moms who had not been there before. Sherrie with 6 month old McCoy and Zura with 5.5 month old Lien.

It’s a wonderful way for Lily to meet other babies and for me to meet other mommies. 😉

Here is Lily today at the library wearing a dress by babyGap.