Will I…

Will I remember everything?

Will I remember how much you love to look at the palm tree that stands outside our bedroom window and watch the leaves blow in the wind?

Will I remember how feisty you are getting now at your 6.5 months of age?

Will I remember that smile you now give me that shows me you finally really know who I am and that you love me?

Will I remember that you still don’t really care much for the moon but you love the water?

Will I remember that I hum you to sleep and your dad sings to you instead?

Will I remember that ever since you were born, when I breast feed you, you close your hand into a fist and place it between my breasts?

Will I remember how much we love to lie in our bed in the afternoons when it’s hot and cuddle/play?

Will I remember that I wake up countless times in the middle of the night to check up on you even though you sleep in the crib right next to us?

Will I remember how much I love to watch you sleep?

Will I remember how dark your hair was when you were born and now it’s almost blond?

Will I remember that you first liked avocado and then not all?

Will I remember that you want to be everywhere we are?

Will I remember that you strongly dislike to wear shoes and you will rub your heels together until they are off?

Will I remember that as little as you are, you have a BIG and strong personality?

Will I remember that you come to the computer every time you want to watch Elmo and India Arie sing the ABC’s?

Will I remember that every time you cup my face with your tiny hands I want to cry?

Will I remember that no matter how many toys you have around you, you want what I have in my hands?

Will I remember that from the time you were born every time we would put you on your stomach you would get frustrated trying to crawl and now that you can crawl you get frustrated because you want to walk?

Will I remember that when we go to the park you are fascinated by the bigger kids chasing the pigeons and I can see in your face you can’t wait to do the same?

Will I remember how much your dad and I wished for you and now here you are?

Will I…?

Here is our Lily with that “look”. Lily wears a dress by babyGap.