First taste of rain

Lately every time Lily wants to step out to the balcony, she crawls over to the sliding glass door, waves her hands up and down and looks at me.

I know what this means already so I pick her up and out to the balcony we go.

Lily’s favorite thing to do once she is on the balcony is to be on a lap leaning against the railing (don’t worry, she is held tight) and look out to see what is going on in the neighborhood.

She watches the cars going by, neighbors walking their dogs, the birds flying by (loves them) and watches the leaves in the trees blow in the wind.

There we all were yesterday enjoying the late afternoon on the balcony when it started pouring! Typical weather for Miami this time of the year.

As it started pouring, Lily was leaning against the railing and little drops of rain began to lightly sprinkle her.

Just like when she showers, she reached out with her delicate little fingers to try to catch the rain and her little tongue began to reach out for the droplets of water as well.

It was the cutest thing ever watching Lily have her first taste of rain.

She loves water!

Here is Lily on the balcony yesterday catching and tasting rain. Lily wears a onesie that was a gift.

Lily watching the rain fall

Lily trying to catch some rain drops

rain drops sprinkling Lily

Lily catches some rain drops

Lily puts rain drops in her mouth

Lily goes back for more