Must have of the day

Library mondays!!!!!

If you are a new mom like myself and do not have many mommy friends like I didn’t, you should really check out what kind of free programs your town has to offer.

On mondays our local library does story telling and singing for babies until 18 months old for free! (They also do it on tuesdays and thursdays but from 18 months- 3 years old)

I have met some great moms through the library and Lily has met some awesome babies to play with.

Free and fun programs that your town has to offer? It’s a “Must”!

Here are some fun shots of Lily at the library yesterday with her friends. Lily wears a jumper by babyGap.

Lily and Sofia

Lien, Lily and Sofia

Lily, Sofia, Lien and Abby

i better not knock myself in the head with this!

Lily and McCoy

Lily, McCoy, Sofia and Lien