New hair!!!!

After months of thinking about cutting my hair, it finally got cut on friday.

My friend and hair stylist Massimo came over and took inches from the bottom and inches from the front. I have bangs and I love them!!

The decision to cut my hair took longer because I was emotionally attached to it.

You see, most of it grew when I was pregnant with Lily.

When I found out I was pregnant in March 2009, my hair was relatively short. Max had cut it in January.

March 2009

I didn’t cut my hair the whole time I was pregnant or even months after giving birth.

My hair looked the best it’s ever looked when I was pregnant. Full, shiny, curly, healthy.

November 2009. 21 days after giving birth

Months after I gave birth, it started falling out. It’s natural, it didn’t fall out at all during the 9 months of pregnancy.

However, not only did it fall out but the texture of my hair changed back to when I was 14! I lost my curls.

Anyway, I finally realized that I was holding onto it like I was holding onto the pregnancy in a way. The hair was the only trace left. (Other than the milking breasts of course)

I think I also worried about Lily not being able to recognize me with short hair…

Well, the hair is cut and Lily still recognizes me. I think she actually likes the new hair! 🙂

I’m loving the change. The new change!

Short enough in the back so I don’t have to wear a pony tail and short enough in the front so I don’t have to wear hair pins.

It’s sophisticated, fresh, it shows I’m a mommy but that I’m still edgy too. 😉 (thank you Massimo!)

before haircut

after haircut