Monday fun

Mondays have turned out to be quite the busy and fun day for Lily (and me of course).

We are out of the house by 9:00am to meet Claudia and Sofia at their building so then we can all catch the bus together to the library.

Once at the library, class starts at 10:00am. There is story telling, singing, playing and some napping also (Sofia ;)).

Lily wears pants by babyGap and shirt by Zutano

you’re suppose to shake it not put it in your mouth Lily

sleeping Sofia

all mine!

By the time we get home at around 12:00pm, it’s time to have lunch, take a nap (2 hours hopefully) and then be at the park again at 5:00pm to see Claudia and Sofia as well as some other friends.

Sofia, Dylan, Lily and Sebastian. Lily wears a shirt by babyGap and shorts by Old Navy

Lily, hold onto Sebastian!

All the little ones tend to get cranky and tired by 6:30pm so us mommies know it’s time to go!

By 7:30pm Lily is usually showered, fed and ready for bed.

It’s a full monday!!