Rescue in Jude

Yesterday I decided to take Lily on an inspirational morning walk. Something we had not done in a while.

We walked through some of our favorite streets and neighborhood and ended up by the “Hand”, the monument in memory of the ones that died in the Holocaust.

A heavy subject on its own, I had NO idea what I was in for.

As Lily and I made our way through the grounds, it began to rain. (June in Miami, typical)

At the end of the pergola covered walkway where Lily and I were walking, I saw a dome. I quickly rushed both Lily and I under it.

It immediately took my breath away!

There we were, Lily and I underneath this beautiful dome while it rained.

I looked up and there was a star of David with the name Jude on it.

Rescue in Jude I thought. (Just for the record, I’m not Jewish, I was raised Catholic but I’m not a big believer in or practice the Catholic religion. I consider myself a spiritual person for the most part)

The rain, the beautiful chanting music that was echoing through the walls, the light, it was all so magical!

I was filled with goose bumps and tears.

It was the most spiritual and enlightening moment I have shared with Lily since the day she was born.

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Lily by the “Hand”

pergola covered walkway

when it began to rain

under the dome

i think even Lily felt enlightened

she could be praying, who knows?

so happy



the rain stopped and the sun shined again

one of the most moving and amazingly sculpted monuments

Lily wears a dress by Old Navy