Botanical morning

Earlier this week Lily and I went off on an early walk to check out our local Botanical Gardens.

Before Lily was born, Will and I went a few times and I’m so glad that I finally took her over there because we both had a great time.

It was still early enough (9am) so it wasn’t too hot yet and there were no people other than the employees working on the flower beds.

We took our time cruising through the grounds, we checked some new and old sculptures, there were lots of flowers to look at, we spotted an herb garden, we even got to sit and relax in the shade under a big and beautiful tree.

It was a wonderful morning!

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flowering cacti

new bamboo tepee sculpture

Lily wears a dress by Old Navy

awesome new sculpture made with recycled plastic bottles

glass globe. a staple there

there was even art hanging from trees

Oxana sculptures. they roam around…

i see a painting…

Lily chilling in the shade

herb garden

pretty flowers