Stuffy Lily

Lily has the worst runny and stuffy nose right now. (not sure if it’s because she is teething or if she caught a light cold)

The last 2 nights and days have been really hard and challenging.

I feel so bad for her (and us). Every time she falls asleep, she wakes shortly after because she can’t breath due to all the mucus.

It’s horrible!

Last night she woke up a bunch of times and was running a fever so, we finally gave her some infant Ibuprofen.

It helped. She finally got some much needed sleep.

All she wants is to be held and to breast feed.

Hopefully she will get better soon.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!! (and if you can, please keep on voting. thank you! ;))

a not feeling-so-good Lily

lounging on the bed. i love it when she kisses my forehead

an early evening walk just to give her some fresh air