My oh my…

I usually don’t post on the weekends but I just had to share this.

Last night while Lily was finally getting some good sleep and Will was at a poker game, I was looking at pictures starting with the day when Lily was born.

She was so little!

Going through the months, I started seeing our family picture changing.

It just so happens that taking our picture in bed with Lily between Will and I has been something that we have done from the very beginning.

Of course she has changed (she’s a baby, that’s what they do). She was so little and now she is so big! (nowhere close to how big she is really going to get but you know what I mean)

I was really surprised at how much Will and I have changed also.

We started off so innocent and naive about this whole baby thing. You can see it in our faces.

And now…well, we have the faces of parents. (whatever that means)

I couldn’t help but to think to myself: My oh my, how much we have all grown. 🙂

Here we are from the very beginning until now.

November 18 2009. Lily was only 11 days old!

December 12 2009

January 13 2010

February 16 2010

March 07 2010. hey! what are we doing out of bed and i’m on the wrong side?

April 12 2010

May 28 2010

June 20 2010