Things we LOVE!

Yesterday while at Target getting a gift for our friend’s son who turned 6, we decided to go down the baby toys isle to see if something interested us and Lily.

Well….I have not gotten this excited over baby toys. EVER!

There they were, B. Toys. The coolest, most innovative infant/toddler toys I have ever seen.

From the packaging, the colors, the names, the drawings, I wanted them all!!!

We picked Elemenosqueeze (how creative is that?) for Lily and she loved it right away. Would not let it go while sitting in the cart!

Once in the car, I opened the case (super cool) and gave Lily her very first Elemenosqueeze. She looked it over, put it in her mouth. She kept it in her  mouth. We got a winner!! 🙂

Elemenosqueeze are blocks, the alphabet, animals, they squeak, they can go in water. Can you hear my excitement? You would think I got myself a new pair of rockin’ Chloe shoes or something…

I can’t wait for her to get a little older (yes I can, really) because I want these !!!!!

By the way, they also have a super cool website with funny and quirky quotes from kids and Gisela Voss (the VP) has a really cool B.log (get it?  clever!)

Here is Lily (had to do it!) introduced to Elemenosqueeze.

on the way to Target. Lily wears a top and shorts by Old Navy

the B. wall!!!!

awesome packaging!!!