ARTsy wednesday

Today for ARTsy wednesday I would like to know what artist inspires you?

Do you have a particular piece of art that moves you the most?

Who and what moves you?

With that, my favorite artist is Gustav Klimt.

I love his work because to me, it is both traditional and modern.

I love the way he draws the female form.

I love his colors.

I have always been a big fan of this particular work of his.

Three ages of woman

When I first saw one of his pieces in person at the MOMA in NYC, I cried. It hit me that I was standing in the same space where he himself had stood for many hours while painting.

it was this piece. Beech Forest, 1902

Through the years, Gustav Klimt has inspired me in my own work.

hope 1

the girl with the gold earing

twinkle, twinkle little stars


Oh, and I’m completely envious of his studio. Like, totally envious!!

i want to be there