My sanity space keeps getting smaller and smaller by the minute. (and I’m starting to lose it! my sanity and my space!)

I think Will and I will have to move our bed into the living room, and make that our bedroom.

Just when I thought this place couldn’t get any smaller, it can!

We started sleep boot camp last week but then Lily got sick so it got cut short.

Well, it started again tonight. (as in almost an hour ago from me writing this. it’s almost 1am)

We know she is teething and that she is in pain but we also know when she is fake crying. (and just before she was fake crying.)

She took advantage of our good nature for the past week due to the fact that she was sick and was waking because she was choking on her own mucus. (couldn’t let her cry it out then!)

The problem is that our bed is 2′ away from her crib and she can just pull the crib bumper down and see that we are right there. (I mean RIGHT there!)

As far as I’m concerned, as long as she can see us right there (did I mention we are only 2′ away?), she is going to scream as loud and for as long as she can.

I can’t take it! I can’t just lie there and pretend to not hear her. (obviously Will can. he’s still sleeping as I’m out here writing.)

So now it looks like the only solution is to make the living room smaller (how much smaller can it get?) and make that our bedroom.

This is HUGE for me!

The bedroom has always (ALWAYS!) been my sanctuary.

Before I met Will, it’s where I would lounge out and relax. When I was pregnant, it’s where I would spend most of my days off. Lounging on the bed, in the a/c while watching movies. And even now with Lily, it’s where she and I lounge on the bed and spend at least one hour every afternoon rolling around, looking out the window at her favorite tree, watching the leaves blow in the wind.

I’m sad. I’m really sad to be losing my/our bedroom!!

I don’t want our bedroom to be in the living room. I don’t want (and can’t see how) our living room to be smaller.

I wish we could get a bigger place already… (patience Claudia, patience.  oh, and sanity. lots of sanity!)

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I SEE YOU!!!!!!

i still see you!

i know you can see me too…