A Hole evening with the girls

I had so much fun going to see Hole with my girls!

It was pouring while I was getting ready which made the decision of “what to wear?” a little hard but, I chose to go with one of my favorite looks, a dress with boots.

I always like the contrast of a dress (soft) and boots (hard). (I often wonder why I live in Miami since it’s hot most of the year and I don’t get to wear my boots often enough.)

As far as accessories, I borrowed Will’s bag (his murse :)) and what else does a mommy and wife need other than her engagement/wedding ring? (I usually wear earrings but since I knew there was going to be some head banging, I decided to skip them.)

The getting ready:

the dress, vintage H&M

the boots, French Connection. The bag, I scream seams

my favorite accessory, my engagement/wedding ring

headed out

The girls picked me up and we stopped off to get the party started with some pizza and beer before heading off to the show.

It was good to have some time to catch up before things would get REALLY loud!

I always enjoy seeing my girlfriends dressed up. No matter how many things we have in common, when it comes to fashion, we are all so different. It really is a matter of personal expression.

Getting to the show:

our own band. K, Jocelyn, Valerie and me

me and K (we’ve known each other since 7th grade)

K and Valerie

Jocelyn and K

The Filmore is a great venue. It’s big enough and yet small enough where no matter where you are seated, you have  a great view of the stage.

We had general admission. We were RIGHT there!

Foxy Shazam opened up the show. I didn’t know who they were however through close friends had heard they were really good.

And that they were. They rocked it!!!!

The lead singer is like Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury put together. He can sing his heart out like no one I’ve ever seen live and that band had more energy than the energizer bunny.

At the show:

Foxy Shazam

waiting for Hole

Once Foxy Shazam was done with their outstanding performance, Courtney kept us waiting for a while (about an hour) but it was all worth it!

Hole takes the stage:

can you see them behind the curtain?

the queen takes the stage

rockin’ it out

so happy to be there!

Of course the fun didn’t end once the show was over….

When we got to the car, the car wouldn’t start. LOL. Jocelyn had left the lights on.

After asking many (many!) drivers for jumper cables (I kept on calling them jumping cables), we had to get help from the parking garage’s help desk.

I couldn’t believe nobody had jumper cables. I guess everyone around here just uses AAA. This isn’t West Virginia after all.

We had the best time (I lost my voice). It was such a fun girls night out that we are waiting to see who comes next because we want to do it again! 🙂

The exit:

on the way to the car

it’s a no go

waiting for help


next stop, home!