and a SHOUT OUT to…


She is 8 months old today.

Where has time gone?

Does anyone else feel like time goes by so much faster when you are watching someone grow?

At 8 months Lily is doing all sorts of things. Crawling, teething, eating all sorts of food, trying to stand up on her own, clapping, pointing.

She is the center of our universe.

Look who’s growing into the most beautiful Lily. (tears…)

November 07 2009. hours after she made our world all the better!

December 07 2009. starting to focus

January 07 2010. winter in West Virginia

February 07 2010. winter in Miami

March 07 2010. at the park

April 07 2010. at the beach

May 07 2010. sitting all by herself

June 07 2010. at the library

July 07 2010. clapping with 2 teeth!