Crazy mom alert!!

Yup, that was me at Lily’s pediatrician’s office yesterday.

Let me tell you why and try to justify it.

Yesterday was the second day in a row that Lily had been having fever. For the past 2 days, her fever had been up and down from 100.7 to 102.7! (FYI, while most moms are made to think that 102.7 is a high fever, to most doctors it is only considered a medium fever.)

When her fever reached that high of 102.7 and Will looked at me and said: “Let’s go see Dr. Salinas.”, I knew things were serious. (I’m always the one who wants to go see Dr. Salinas.)

I called the office and of course I forgot that the whole office closes for a lunch hour. (how stupid of me) Have you ever heard of such a thing?

So, I emailed Dr. Salinas letting her know that Lily had a high fever and that we were on our way to see her.

Once we got there, and entered through this door,

we waited almost 10 minutes before someone would finally answer the buzzer. (They came back from lunch a little late.)

When we told the nurse that we were there to see Dr. Salinas, we were told that unfortunately she was on vacation and that usually they only see babies with fever when they’ve had fever for 4 days in a row. (how dumb of us for being concerned parents!).

Right away I didn’t like the way she made me feel.

I let her know that Lily had had a cold the week before. This seemed to give her a reason to take Lily’s temperature and tell us that the other doctor could take a look at her. (oh, thank you!!!!)

She moved us into a room and took Lily’s temperature again. It was now way lower because we had given her some infant Ibuprofen before we left the house.

So there we were, the 3 of us, waiting.

Waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting.

We waited almost an hour before one of the receptionists (the one we usually like, all the others are not so with it) came in to put something in Lily’s file.

When I asked her how much longer it would take (Lily was getting cranky) before the doctor could see us, the first answer she gave was: “I don’t know”.

After she saw my face with a look of “I’m going to rip your face off” (i can’t help it, it happens naturally), she added that he had 2 more appointments ahead of us since we were walk-ins.

“Hold up a minute!”, I thought to myself. I know that when we have appointments we usually end up waiting way past our time because of walk-ins and now here we were on the other side having to wait because of appointments.

This didn’t make any sense to me.

All of the sudden, I got filled with rage.

Did nobody have a sense of urgency? Could they be less caring?

Before I physically attacked both the nurse and the receptionist, I looked at Will while holding and Lily and said: “Let’s go!”

Now, do you remember #2 on 3 things?

The fact that we left was not a proud moment for me.

So I didn’t physically attack either one of them but, we left before the doctor looked Lily over and THAT is not right.

While in the elevator I told Will that we would not be returning there. (yeah sure, just like I won’t be flying with AA ever again. another long story…)

Some of you might be agreeing with me (please, at least a few of you) and saying: “Yeah! Find another pediatrician.”

The truth is that we love Dr. Salinas, it’s the incompetent people in her office we do not like.

When we got home, we had a reply from Dr. Salinas herself.  (hello!! she is on vacation.)

After many emails back and forth (again, she’s on vacation!), Dr. Salinas advised us on things that could be going on with Lily and how to care for her.

After a very hard night of sleep (or no sleep I should say), Lily is finally feeling better and her fever seems to be gone. (it’s back to 98.7) Whatever infection she had, she fought very hard to beat last night.

Hopefully the next time we go to see Dr. Salinas we will be walking back into this door.

Lily feeling better with sparkle back in her eye. 😉

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