Dear neighbors

Nights have been challenging around here lately.

We were just getting through some tough nights of sleep boot camp when Lily started getting sick. With a cold that gave her a stuffy nose and a cough and then a high fever, we now have to start ALL over again.

It’s not easy!

There is lots of fake crying, screaming and then some real crying involved but, it must be done.

We live in an apartment in a small condo building. We have neighbors all around us!

Lily is the only baby in the building. Everyone loves her.

Our neighbors have never complained about anything. Some of them even claim they can’t hear Lily. (they must be deaf or sleep like a rock)

It helps that the walls are cement instead of sheet rock however, there is NO way that our next door, upstairs and downstairs neighbors can’t hear Lily.

So, after two horrible nights of no sleep, I decided to have Lily write a note and post it in the elevator where everyone could see it.

I think it was well received because someone even wrote a “get better” note on it. 🙂

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Lily’s note

a neighbor’s note