Wanna be BIG girl Lily

Lily took a 3.5 hour nap yesterday afternoon! (trust me, that hardly ever, EVER happens)

She went to sleep at her regular time, 3pm and woke up almost at 6:30pm.

I couldn’t believe it.

She obviously needed rest and it must have felt good to be able to finally breath and not be interrupted by her own snoring. (poor baby)

Because she woke up so late, we were at the park at the time we usually come home to have dinner.

Although we missed our friends, it was nice being there later. There were way less kids and they were a bit older too.

Lily wants to be a BIG girl. She is fascinated by the big kids.

She has me walk her over to them and she gets all excited and wants to sit by them.

She wants to rush to be a big girl and I want her to slow down and take her time being a baby.

I think she is going to win this battle. 😉

wanna be BIG girl Lily

Lily wears shorts and top by Old Navy

in awe of the big kids