The death of my third eye

Saturday morning when Will, Lily and I got to the beach, I pulled my camera out to take some pictures (like I always do) and for some odd reason, the focus wouldn’t work.

At first I was going to just put the camera away but as I looked through the screen, I liked what I saw.

Everything was fuzzy and out of focus, kind of like an impressionist painting.

So, I shot these photos right before my camera decided to die altogether.

It’s not the first time a camera has died on me. It probably won’t be the last time either. I over use them. (surprise!)

But every time I’m left without one, I feel handicapped.

My camera is like a third eye to me. Sometimes it’s even more like a second eye.

Thankfully, Will has lent me his camera in the meanwhile but, I miss my third eye….. 🙁

Lily wears a hat by Old Navy