A typical day with Lil Muse Lily

Our days are usual pretty routine.

After Lily has her breakfast and before she takes her morning nap, we usually play on her mat, read books and magazines and, explore things around the house.

she likes to read up side down 😉

unwanted catalogs are the best entertainment. it will keep her busy for 30 minutes!

exploring things she shouldn’t be

We have been quite adventurous when it comes to food.

I have noticed that Lily has become quite bored with her pureed food and always wants what Will and I put in our mouths.

So for lunch, I have been basically giving her what I have been eating. The other day I gave her some broiled tilapia with tomatoes and yesterday she ate a chicken empanada (I know! lol)

Fruits have been quite exotic also. She has had cherries, kiwis, lychees … loves them all.

baked squash with broiled tilapia and cherry tomatoes

cherry lips

It’s been quite hot (seriously hot!) but in order to tire Lily out a bit before her afternoon nap (hopefully), we will go for a little walk around the neighborhood.

Yesterday we went to look at the beautiful lotus flowers that have blossomed in one of the water fixtures on Lincoln Rd.

After an afternoon nap and an afternoon snack (usually yogurt, fruit and cereal), we end our day at the park.

Lily loves it there and so do I.

We are so fortunate to live where we live.

It’s a small park but it has a beautiful view of the bay and the marina.

she is so happy she can finally do some of the things the big kids do!

on the slide platform. one of her faves

loves playing with grass and leaves. Lily wears a dress by babyGap and shoes by Old Navy

the view from the park

When we get home from the park, it’s shower (yes, she likes them better than baths), dinner and good night Lily!