Farewell Miss Claudia

Today was Miss Claudia’s last day doing the readings at the library. (yes, another Claudia)

I know that all of us moms were a bit sad to see her go.

Miss Claudia is so animated and so good with all the little ones.

We hope the next person will be just as good.

Lily was miss social today. She was ALL over the place!

She was crawling over to all the babies, mommies, Miss Claudia and smiling up a storm. I think she is coming out of her shell. 😉

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Lily and Miss Claudia

Lily, McCoy and Miss Claudia

trying to take Elise’s toy

Lily, Elise, Samantha, Oliver, Sofia and Dylan (yay! he finally made it!)

Dylan, Sofia and Nikko

Lily wears a top by Old Navy and pants by Zutano

silly Lily

stood up all by herself onto the chair to look out the window