Sleep update

Lily has been doing much better sleeping through the night.

Sleep boot camp works but so does the room divider that uncle Darren lent us. (thank you!)

Now when Lily wakes up during the night she can no longer see us in bed.

Instead of moving our bed into the living room (extreme), uncle Darren suggested that we try a room divider. Since he had an extra, we took him up on his suggestion and offer.

It was a great idea!

I even made use of one of my beautiful throws by decorating the divider. (this also makes it impossible for Lily to see through)

When Lily woke up the other night at 3am like she always does, we just let her be. She only fussed for maybe 10 minutes and then fell asleep until her normal 6am.

Last night she slept all the way until 5:30am!

Sleep… what a difference it makes!

I am not one of those people who does well with little sleep. Some people can, I can’t. When I get no sleep, I am cranky.

Cranky mommy = cranky baby = cranky household = no good

can you guess who is behind the curtain?

surprise! it’s Lily!!

you’re not getting rid of me that easily…