A day in the garden

Yesterday we spent almost the whole day outside.

We started out in the morning with a walk into the woods where we picked some wild blackberries, checked out some wild mushrooms and admired all the different trees, flowers and moss.

Lily ready to go!

everything is so green

there were lots of these little ones

family portrait

picking wild blackberries

Later in the afternoon we helped avo Hayes and aunt Sarah pick fresh vegetables from the garden.

There were string beans, potatoes, cucumbers (Which Lily loves!), tomatoes, squashes, peppers. The squashes were some of the biggest I have seen!

avo Hayes and aunt Sarah picking string beans

is that not the biggest bean?

Lily eating fresh garden pickin’s

that’s one big zucchini aunt Sarah!

getting filled


let me back in!

Lily wanting to be one of the dogs

We ended the day on a blanket with a visit from our friends who live in Barcelona but were in town visiting family.

It was a wonderful day.

Needless to say, Lily loves it here and so do I!

Nikki, Lola, Rita and Jorge with Lily

Rita loving on Lily

her name is Rita and she has the coolest personal style I have ever seen on a kid. EVER!

the perfect way to end a day

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