Grandparents in, parents out

Yesterday Will and I took Hayes’s offer to stay with Lily so both Will and I could go out and do something together.

Trust me, she didn’t have to offer twice! 😉

We left at about 6pm with Sarah and Francis to go to Elkins to have some dinner and to see some live music at the Augusta Festival.

I think that right after we left, Will had more separation anxiety than me this time.

Despite the rainy evening, we had a great time out and avo Hayes had a great time with Lily as well. Until she got cranky…

But it all worked out great and we hope to do it again before moving back to Miami.

el gran sabor, the venezualan restaurant where we ate

live music

trying to stay dry

icehouse bar

old piano keys

in love with the old piano

Will and Francis

Sarah and Will

more live music

Sarah and I ready to go back out into the rain