Lily and Lola

Oh, Lily and Lola!

These two have established quite the friendship.

If Lola is around, chances are she is hanging out with Lily.

It’s not surprising since they are the babies in the house. Lola is only 6 months old and Lily almost 9.

Where Lily goes, Lola goes.

They are buddies.

They are partners in crime. ๐Ÿ˜‰

looks like trouble…

Lola kissing Lily

they have big plans for cousin Adelaide’s Barbie

what should we do with her Lola?

Lily kissing Lola

can you please get my hand out of your mouth?

The only thing Lily doesn’t like about Lola is her toy pig.

Lily hates the sound it makes. It totally freaks her out. She starts crying.

Lola and her toy pig

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