West Virginia style

There has been quite the mix of prints these days as far as Lily is concerned. (not intentionally either)

I definitely did not pack enough pants/leggings or long sleeved shirts for Lily.

The days have been cooler than we thought they would be.

Just the other day she started out with a green butterfly print dress. (cute!)

In the afternoon it got a bit cool so I put fuchsia and gray striped pants on her. (ok……)

As the night rolled in, the temperature dropped even more so to top the outfit off, I put a blue printed hooded sweatshirt on her. (oh boy!)

I’m a big fan of mixed prints but this was a no-NO! She was a printed mess! lol

But cute nonetheless. 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

We will be celebrating avo Joao’s birthday tomorrow. 🙂 (lots of pics to share with you on monday)

(We always, always, always appreciate your vote! http://www.topbabyblogs.com/cgi-bin/topblogs/in.cgi?id=claudiag. Thank you!)

sitting pretty in avo Joao’s truck

oh boy!

momma said knock you out!