Self photo challenge

Joining Juliana at Shakti Mama with her photo challenge on the elements of self series.

This week’s challenge: favorite body part self portrait.

For me, my favorite body part (and not just on me but on women in general) is the neck, collar bone and shoulders. (I know, those are 3 body parts but they all go together ;))

It’s a part of the body that can show strength as well as vulnerability.

It’s one of the reasons I often prefer short hair to long hair.

neck, collar bone and shoulders

I also really like my hands and feet and didn’t want them to feel left out.

You can tell so much by someone’s hands.

With time I learn to appreciate my hands more and more. They are starting to show their age…

left hand

right hand

And then there are my feet!

I count on these two. They take me everywhere I go. (I don’t drive)

They are long and skinny and I often curse them when I’m shoe shopping but I love them. I’ve had my toe rings on for so long (15 years?) that I don’t even remember my feet without them.


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