ARTsy wednesday

Lately there is one artist that has me completely green with envy.

His name is Barnaby Whitfield (yes, that’s his real name) and he is making amazing art faster and better than anyone!

the artist

i want them to know they didn’t break me. 2010. pastel on paper

Barney (as I know him) and I actually met in the mid 90’s in NYC through our friend Jacky.

Aside from our love for fashion, photography and super models, I think we both hit it off right away partly because we both did art and mostly portraits at that.

Anyway, thanks to Facebook we have been reconnected and now I can daily be alerted of yet another amazing piece of art.

Darn you Barney!!!!! 😉

Here are some of my favorites.

here! we! go!. 2004. pastel on paper. 22.5″x30″

cute overload II. 2008. 30″x23″

this something just has to leave so it can stay. 2010. pastel on paper. 44″x33″

bird girl. 2010. pastel on paper. 40″x33″

I know, AMAZING right?

I think I just got greener……