At first I told her “no”

When Lily and I got to the park yesterday morning, not only was there no one in sight but also after almost 2 days of continuous rain, the sand area was a HUGE puddle. (more like a kiddie pool, really)

Of course Lily saw all that water and wanted to get in it immediately.

I tried to distract her by taking her to the slides, the tire, Clifford, nothing worked.

She kept on going towards the water and I kept on telling her “no”.

Then I thought to myself: ” If we were in West Virginia, what would I do?”

I took off Lily’s pants and let her dip her legs in the water.

Of course that wasn’t enough for her so I then took off her shirt as well.

I mean, why not?

It’s only rain water.

She had a blast!!

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hands in first

legs in next

and the whole self!